Client Testimonials

Here are a few client testimonials I have received.

“I was having some difficulty with the energy flow between my chakras, and realized the problem was in my heart chakra. Randy performed reiki from a few towns away to help clear out my heart chakra. When I woke the next morning after the session, I felt lighter and not so weighed down in my heart chakra. After that, my energy was able to flow between my chakras and I could center again.” – Jenn

 “The first time I met Randy, he impressed me by the peace he transpires and his down to earth personality. His soul is transparent and honest and his mind is bright and sharp. I have been honored in sharing experiences, teachings and rituals with him. As a teacher, he is knowledgeable, compassionate and impressively dedicated, always willing to unconditionally share his learnings with others. He lives, breathes and dreams of Reiki. Definitely, Randy is the best spiritual brother and guide anyone should ask for. He is truly a treasure I hold dear in my life.” – Gabby

“There is something that speaks volumes about how dedicated Randy is for him to go on seeking more and new information to learn and is now ready to share.
Randy has gone on and continued his education and now his able to come back to present us all new material and teach me new things.:-) I Love It !!
Randy is a caring,loving, big hearted person, his style of teaching is easy to follow, Randy makes sure you understand before he moves on to the next material.

Randy is very patient with your questions and very knowledgeable about Reiki and what he is teaching. I find his Guided Mediation is very relaxing and helps you to discover how to relax, his method is a nice soft spoken voice and calmness is the result.

Randy is patient with out being overly so, he makes you feel comfortable to where you are ready to receive more and new information, Randy has a nice clear speaking voice, which is always helpful.
Any class that Randy teaches will come away with enough information to help them to be successful in their Reiki practice and they will have the material to get started with.

I recommend him highly he is a conscientious teacher.

Randy  has sent Reiki to me for awhile now to help with my health issues and it has always helped ease me.” – Maxine

“I’ve know Randy for a great number of years…seems like he’s always been part of my spiritual life.

When is comes to Reiki, I can only say Randy’s knowledge, dedication, and honesty are unmatched. Randy is the most caring individual, funny and straight to the point. Within his “humanness”, is a great friend and person to know.

Reiki is personal. Randy has the guidance within him to help you find your Reiki talents that will lead you to a wonderful Reiki practice. The spiritualism of Reiki is not for everyone, but if you have that passion, Randy is super strong in conviction to assist you with your struggles. I wish more people had the heart to be a real life example of living a spiritual life.” – Arleen

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